This was one of the most complex and ambitious video/sound editing projects I have produced. I was assigned to create a client facing Holiday Card using the Liquidus employees. Coming from a background in music (specifically a cappella) I experimented with the idea of the entire office singing a holiday song. This project ended up taking much longer than I initially planned, but it was worth it in the end.

I first setup a green screen shoot and had all the employees attempt to sing a full scale in their range (SATB). Then came the challenging part: editing. I had to separate out each person’s voice part by note. After doing a fair amount of auto tuning, countless hours of work, and 64 layers of video later, I had everyone singing “Jingle Bells” in 4-Part harmony.

Next, I’ll try this with…say, 9 people.

Skills Involved

Video Shooting, Editing, Sound Mixing, Animation


Canon 5D, Green Screen Lighting, GarageBand, Ae, Ps, Premiere


December 2015 | view the 2016 Holiday Card