I was tasked to create a :15 animated spot that made use of still images of Bod Dold (a political candidate), and incorporate newspaper headlines as well. But instead of doing your typical Ken Burns effect and pictures of cut-out newspaper headlines, I went in a different direction.

Because the content included articles on paper, I was inspired by the end credit sequence of the Robert Downy Jr. “Sherlock Holmes” films. I wanted to learn how it was done. Using a combination of many photoshopped layers I masked out the photos and applied an “ink-flow effect” reveal. The video ended up receiving one of the highest click through rates for the Dold political campaign.

Skills Involved

2D Animation


After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere


November 2015


Bob Dold Ad Units


In addition to creating the video above I designed multiple ad units. If  the user rolled over one of these ads, the video would auto-play.