The Car Configurator started out as a concept product video (which you can find at the bottom of this page), and it was later coded and purchased by General Motors. Essentially, when the user goes to configure their car on the Mazda site (or any vechicle manufacturer), they reach a page at the end which gives a summary of the cost, price, and any accessories the user had added to their car. Typically this page is printable.

Instead of page summary, Liquidus wanted to create a fully dynamic video so the user could experience the car they just configured with motion and visuals. The two demo videos below are examples of what these look like on Cadillac’s and Mazda’s site. The key takeaway here is that everything is completely dynamic so content in the video would change depending on what vehicle was selected, the IP of the user, etc.

Skills Involved

Responsive UI/UX, Animation, Graphic Design


Ae, Ps, Ai, Premiere


Jan, June, Sept-Oct 2016


2016 Mazda CX-9 Car Configurator


This is a demo of what the dynamically coded video may look like on Mazda’s site. This is what lead to General Motors’ interest in the Car Configurator for all makes/models. My goal was to design a simplistic and interactive concept video as if it was pre-rendered and not something that was coded using HTML-5.


Cadillac Car Configurator – XT5 Crossover


This is a demo of what the dynamic Car Configurator would look like on Cadillac’s site. I was careful to stay true to Cadillac’s style guide and really give it a sophisticated look and feel. The beauty of this kind of technology is that the user can always go back to change something and the video would reflect that change. For example if the user selected a red exterior, they would see red graphics.


Car Configurator Explanation Video


This was a product explainer video I created to generate business with Mazda as a client. You can find more examples of dynamic product videos here