Below you can find drawings, sketches, and illustrations. Some are from courses while others I completed on my own. The medium is primarily white paper or newsprint using a combination of charcoal, graphite, and pencil. I have explored contour, cross-contour drawing, shading/tones, negative space, perspective, figure drawing, portraits and more.

While taking classes on the side, I continue to try to learn new techniques on my own. I find it helps me when I’m storyboarding out a new video or animation. I feel at the moment my strength lies in figure drawing, but I would like to apply these techniques to character sketching/animation.

An inspiration of mine is  Ryan Woodward

Skills Involved

Illustration, Sketching, Figure Drawing, Still Lives, Abstract


Charcoal, Graphite, Pencil, Newsprint


Jan 2013 – Present

“The world is an interesting place. It just depends on how you look at it.”