While experimenting with the GoPro Hero 5 Black, I wanted to create a simple time-lapse using still photography. With an ISO set to 100 and capturing one frame every 5 seconds, I set up the GoPro on a simple GooseKneck Tripod and let it run. Afterwards, instead of editing the photos in Photoshop, I wanted to color grade in LightRoom.

The benefit of working with LightRoom is that it allows you to batch capture/edit a massive quantity of photos simultaneously. Once complete I brought everything into AE where I added additional camera motion, blur effects, text overlays, and music. I plan to experiment more with time-lapse and the LightRoom library workflow in the future.

Skills Involved

Photo Editing, Animation, Sound Mixing


GoPro Hero5 Black, LightRoom, After Effects


AprilĀ 2017