How It All Started

Anyone who attended Ithaca College or Cornell University is familiar with the phrase “Ithaca is Gorges”. It refers to the beautiful gorges in the Ithaca area. If you go to the college-town shops you can purchase a T-Shirt with this phrase on it. Since I had connections to Binghamton, NY (which is not too far from Ithaca), I took it a different direction.

Binghamton Is Overcast

T-Shirt Design

Binghamton in upstate New York is a beautiful place to live. But one common complaint is the weather, where it often is either cloudy or rainy. Therefore, I used a similar design for a T-Shirt that pokes fun at both the Ithaca T-Shirt and the Binghamton climate.

Binghamton Is Overcast

Web Design

To take this one step further, I launched a website, where I am able to sell these T-Shirts to residents of upstate New York. It’s a simple design using WordPress and some custom HTML/CSS. You can check it out below.