Voices of Gotham is a competitive chorus from New York City that specializes in the rich musical tradition of barbershop harmony. Their membership is comprised of regular guys who live in the NYC area, professional actors, musicians, and guys who simply enjoy singing barbershop and a cappella music. The chorus has gone on to compete internationally and scored within the top 10 barbershop choruses in 2015!

As former member (I sang Bass) I was one of the Video Editors and Motion Graphic Designers. I am responsible for animating the group’s logo and I have assisted with various marketing efforts.

Voices of Gotham Official Website

Skills Involved

Performing and singing bass, 2D/3D Animation, Videography, Editing, Sound Mixing


Ae, Element 3D, Ps, Ai, FinalCut Pro


June 2010 – August 2014


Voices of Gotham Holiday Card Video 2014


For the 2014 Holiday Card Video I edited together this three camera shoot of our holiday show, featuring “Jingle Bells”. I also introduced the 3D version of the Voices of Gotham logo, all done in After Effects, Cinema 4D, and edited in Final Cut Pro. The choreography for this number was intended to be silly and fun :)


Voice of Gotham Fundraiser Video


In 2013 we decided to create a fundraiser video which was placed on Indiegogo.com so people could contribute. I helped provide some of the graphics seen in this video and you can find me singing bass alongside other chorus members. This video speaks well to the variety of different backgrounds Gothamers come from in NYC


Round Midnight is one of the many highly competitive and talented quartets within the Barbershop Harmony Society. Larry Bomback, who sings tenor (founder and former director of Voices of Gotham), asked me to edit together footage from International Competitions into one highlight reel.